Responding to the Needs of Our Brothers and Sisters

Like St. Vincent, people from every walk of life join the Priests and Brothers to help the poor in the St. Vincent de Paul Circle. The Circle seeks to respond effectively and compassionately to the needs of the hungry, the young, prisoners, the homeless, and Hispanic/Latino immigrants.

Join the Circle through your gift and membership today! St. Vincent de Paul spent his life following Christ’s example and command to love and serve the poor. He called his companion Priests and Brothers, the Vincentians, to accompany him, telling them, “Let us serve the poor, not only by prayer” and intention, but “by the sweat of our brows.”

Today, that same call is heard and lived in the St. Vincent de Paul Circle. The Circle is complete when Vincentian Priests, Brothers, and their friends see Christ in the poor – the One who fills them with His Love.

Join the St. Vincent de Paul Fund, and support the St. Vincent de Paul Circle.

This Fund unites supporters and the Fathers and Brothers of St. Vincent de Paul in doing what Jesus told all of us to do: Feed the Hungry, Teach those who Seek, Visit the Prisoners, Shelter the Homeless, and Welcome the Stranger.

Works the Circle Supports

Here are some of the programs that the Priests and Brothers of St. Vincent de Paul (Vincentians) are involved in, that you can support in action:


Inn Dwelling: Housing Project

Brother Al Smith, CM, has dedicated over 45 years to helping those most in need in a poor section of Philadelphia, Germantown. He started a housing project for homeless families; he and his volunteers rehab abandoned houses and teach families financial responsibility. After three years in this rigorous program, these families are getting loans and living independently for the first time — creating neighborhoods, changing lives — all for the love of God!


Inn Dwelling: After School Program

Sr. Rosemarie Jefferson, MSBT, is changing lives daily in Germantown, Philadelphia. She and Brother Al take children who are extremely motivated and bright, but financially challenged, and give them a structure in which to learn. These children move into Catholic high schools and colleges, usually on academic scholarship. Listen to the stories these amazing students can tell.