School Programs:
Students Grow in Knowledge,
Devotion, and Faith

Our school programs are specifically designed for teachers and students of all ages! Students can learn the fascinating details of the apparition and miracles associated with the Miraculous Medal, enjoy a Novena Service or  Mass at our Shrine, and explore our magnificent Art Museum with the world’s largest collection of Marian Artwork under one


School Programs

In addition to a rich and engaging pilgrimage experience, we provide teachers and students with a number of resources that facilitate learning about apparitions, including the Blessed Mother’s appearance to St. Catherine Labouré, and miracles, especially the many miracles associated with the Miraculous Medal. In addition, students are given the powerful opportunity to be enrolled in the Miraculous Medal. What a beautiful and grace-filled experience for our young people!

Resources Provided to Teachers

  1. Letter of Welcome
  2. Pilgrimage Flyer
  3. Interactive Miraculous Medal Student Activities Sheet
  4. Helpful Teaching Tips
  5. Petition and Favor Prayer Form
  6. Miraculous Medal Coloring Sheet 
  7. Prayer of St. Catherine Labouré
  8. DVD of the Story of the Apparitions and Miraculous Medal Shrine
  9. Novena Booklet of Prayers
  10. Brochure of the Miraculous Medal Shrine

Resources Provided to Students

  1. Novena Prayers and a Description of the Miraculous Medal
  2. Upon completion of the course:
    1. A Certificate of Enrollment
    2. A Blessed Miraculous Medal

When the class is planning to come to the Shrine, each student will receive a personalized certificate and Miraculous Medal at their Novena Service.

If the class is unable to come to the Shrine, the teacher can call the Shrine office and Certificates and Blessed Medals can be sent to the class.

For more information or questions, please email us.