“Rays of Grace” from Mother Mary

Discover the miraculous and beautiful fruits of prayer, “Rays of Grace,” answered prayers and favors granted to us through the Grace of Our Blessed Mother who brings them to Her Merciful Son.

The Favors that we receive from our Mother, Mary, are symbolized as rays of grace and enshrined on the Miraculous Medal. When she entrusted her mission of devotion to St. Catherine, she also gave us direction and hope. The Rays represent our favors, which she hears and answers when we seek her in loving devotion.

On the front side of the Miraculous Medal, one can see rays shooting out from Mary’s hands. When Mary entrusted her mission to St. Catherine, she told her that these rays “…symbolize the graces I shed upon those who ask for them.” Put your faith in our Mother, Mary, and she will bring you to a closer communion with our Lord.

The Central Association of the Miraculous Medal wishes to share these reported favors with you; however, we wish to declare that the terms “miracle” and such like, when made use of here, have only a purely devotional value, and that we submit, without reserve, to the judgment of the Catholic Church the facts we narrate.

Blessed Mother Protects Man in Fall

At 76 years old, I had a very hard fall on a tile floor. I fell on the right side of my body. I was wearing my Miraculous Medal at the time.  I lay there for a moment, and, when I got up, I realized I had no broken bones or any injuries at all! I expected to be sore and find some bruises, but had NOTHING – very little soreness, no bruises, and no broken bones. I had x-rays done and all is well. The Blessed Mother protected me from any injuries. Thank you, Blessed Mother.

Mary Takes Woman’s Husband to Heaven

I am 76 years old and have worn a Miraculous Medal for as long as I can remember. I also say a daily Rosary. My prayers were answered on February 15, 2015, when Our Lady came to take my husband to Heaven.

My husband of 36 years, Melvyn, was diagnosed in April of 2014, with incurable bladder cancer with spots on his liver. He suffered terribly for 10 months. He was hospitalized three times, and his last hospitalization was for the last 10 days of his life. He was brought up Anglican, and we were married in the Catholic Church. He attended the weddings and Baptisms of my two boys from a previous marriage. When traveling, we would always find a Catholic church on Saturday night so I could attend Mass on Sunday…so, was he a religious man? Only God can answer that.

To make a long story short, Our Blessed Mother came to get him and bring him to Heaven on Sunday, February 15, 2015, at about 9pm.

On the previous Friday, he told me, “Mary Ellen, look at the lady; do you see her? Mary Ellen, turn around and look at the lady,” as he pointed to the ceiling.

I turned around and looked and then looked back at him and said, “Oh, that’s Our Lady coming to take you to heaven!”

He said, “Oh.”

He then saw my Dad and other people who had already died, so I figured the end was near. He fell into a coma at about 7:30 that Friday night and did not move Saturday or Sunday. I asked my cousin, Fr. Keith, to come pray over him around 7pm Sunday night. He sprinkled Holy Water everywhere…making sure the Devil wasn’t getting anywhere close to Melvyn.

At about five minutes before 9pm, I picked up the Holy Water and made the sign of the cross on his forehead and said, “You know it is about time you went to be with God.”

Melvyn opened his eyes, looked straight at me, took one breath, and closed his eyes. I looked at him and said, “Are you going to take another breath?”

I knew Our Blessed Lady had taken him Home.

Prayers to Mary Help with Finances and Cancer Treatment

Four weeks ago, I came to the Shrine to pray for assistance with finances for my husband and myself. Shortly after praying, a director position opened at my husband’s company. Despite his young age, we found out this week that he was offered this position and a significant raise that will allow us to pay for medication and house maintenance. Our Lady has guided us through so much in the last two years since I’ve visited here: cancer treatments, medical issues, and now finances. I’m so very blessed and thankful for her continued guidance, support, love, and light. Many prayers of thanks to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal!

Novena Prayers Give Husband Second Chance

My husband was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma in May and he immediately began a series of aggressive chemotherapy treatments to combat the disease.  Several of our friends and relatives joined me in offering our prayers to Mary at the Novena in Germantown (including the Special Novena in June) that the treatments would be successful, and Our Lord, through Our Lady’s intercession, answered our prayers.  My husband’s latest tests showed no signs of the disease.  Thank you to Our Lord and his Blessed Mother for giving my husband a second chance.

Mary’s Helps Woman Persevere in Her Vocation

When my mother was carrying me she was told I would be deformed and mentally handicapped, but I graduated from the MD/PhD combined program due to the intercession of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal to whom my mother fled for help. After residency, I began formation and I will take vows on August 6th, 2016. During the past 30 years, I have come to the Shrine regularly and confessed here regularly. I thank God for the Miraculous Medal Shrine for allowing me to persevere in my vocation!

Miraculous Medal Saves Man Suffering Cardiac Arrest

I bought my husband a beautiful Miraculous Medal in Lourdes in 2010. We also visited the Miraculous Medal Shrine in Paris and have said the Novena prayers every Saturday for many years.

In October 2014, we were attending his godchild’s wedding when my husband suffered cardiac arrest. Two nurses and a physician who were also guests started CPR after cutting off his jacket, shirt and tie. Only his Medal remained on his chest.

I began saying the Hail Mary over and over again and soon the crowd that formed began saying it with me. For 20 minutes, they could get no pulse. Then, a workman found a defibrillator and gave it to the doctor. After the second shock, my husband’s pulse came back and an ambulance rushed him to the hospital.

After a two month recovery period he was able to go back to work and his doctors still cannot believe he suffered only minimal damage to his heart. Even they call it miraculous.

We know that Our Lady brought him back, while at the same time increasing the faith of everyone at the wedding.

Keep spreading the devotion. Our Lady is listening.

Mary Provides Comfort After Man Loses His Wife

When I attended the 9am Mass on the Feast of the Solemnity of Mary, January 1, 2013, I requested that the Blessed Virgin take my wife, Shirley, home. I arrived home shortly after 10am, and at 11:5am, Mary answered my prayer. My wife’s short battle with pancreatic cancer came to an end as she entered eternal life accompanied by Our Lady. The same image of Our Lady of Grace, which is on my wife’s Deluxe Perpetual Membership is laser-engraved on our headstone together with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Shirley was buried with her Miraculous Medal necklace and my Rosary in her hands. I pray that Our Lady and her Son allow all the Rosaries I recite during my remaining years be joined with the Rosary she will forever hold in her hands.

Autistic Grandson Receives Scholarship During Novena

My grandson, who is autistic, needs special help with reading and will be going into 6th grade. It was recommended that he attended a special school. The cost was $40,000 a year. We applied for a scholarship that I prayed we would receive during the Novena of Mercy. We received a call during the Novena that we received the scholarship. Thank you, my Blessed Mother, for once again hearing our prayers.

Mary Protects Driver During Near Car Crash

On June 17, 2016, the interior of my car was filled with the scent of roses. I knew either I was going “home” with my heavenly Mother, or she was protecting me. Forty five minutes later, as I pulled out of a parking lot, a car ran a red light, came toward my driver’s window, and miraculously “swerved” around the front of my car. I would have been killed but for Mary’s protection and intercession. After saying a prayer of thanksgiving, the scent of roses slowly dissipated. I am so blessed.

Miraculous Medal Received on a Bus Connects Man with Mary

“I received a Miraculous Medal as I was waiting for the bus; a lady came and handed it to me and left. Just after a week, through a video, I came to know about this medal which Mother Mary personally designed and gave to Saint Catherine Labouré, and ever since then I’ve been wearing it around my neck … I must admit I feel a deep connection and devotion to Our Lady, and it gives me immense strength to deal with my everyday situations with greater patience and love. Mother Mary, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death…and lead us to eternal life.”

Skin Condition Cured During Miraculous Medal Novena

Last summer, 2015, I developed an itchiness all over my body. I saw two specialist dermatologists, had two blood tests, a skin biopsy, was given several medicinal ointments, but received no relief. I suffered over three months of sleepless nights. The doctor could not figure out the cause nor the cure. From November 16-24, 2015, I prayed my Miraculous Medal Novena and pleaded with Our Lady to heal me. Before I ended the Novena, the itchiness was gone. I enjoyed my Thanksgiving holiday with my family. On the Feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Our Lady always answers my petitions, but this was the most significant and greatest one she has ever granted me. Thank you very much, Blessed Mother!

Miraculous Medal Comforts Mother After Son’s Death

In February, 2012, my son developed what was thought to be reflex problems. Eventually his symptoms reached his liver. While I struggled with the doctors’ decision to take him off life-support, I placed my son’s life in God’s hands. On February 14, 2012, my son left this world to be with God. During the final stages of his illness, my son was anointed with holy oil. He seemed at peace and even smiled. I consider it a mother’s honor and consolation to prepare my child for his rendezvous with God in heaven. I know, too, that Mother Mary was at his side all during his illness. The Miraculous Medal I wear is a reassurance that my son is with my husband in heaven.

Miraculous Medal: a Gift in Grief

For years, I was the primary care-giver for my mother. Eventually, we moved her to a nursing care facility. We chose this after many prayers to the Blessed Mother. What I prayed for most was that Mary would hear my prayer that my mother would not die alone. Since, January of 2010, my husband had a sense that I should begin saying “goodbye” to my mom. At first I felt uneasy doing this, but God opened many paths for me. At 9:30 on the night of February 3, 2010, I received a call that my mother was failing. The nurse advised my husband and me to come to the nursing facility. The snow, fallen from a large storm a few days before, had been cleared. My husband and I were able to travel the roads more safely that evening. Three hours after our arrival, my mother died peacefully. The Miraculous Medal hung closely at her bed side.

Baby Healed Through Mary’s Intercession

On the night of my granddaughter’s birth, her mother called me. I was crying. The baby, Lana Marie, had just underwent an x-ray. The doctors found what seemed to be a hole in the child’s heart. I called many prayer lines; however, the first to respond was the Miraculous Medal Shrine. The next morning, after a second x-ray, no hole was found.

God is “PCS:” Powerful, Creative, and Full of Surprises

When the youngest of our five children began college at the University of South Carolina, I advised : “Be careful with money, you’re a PCS”: Poor College Student. Reading Sarah Young’s Jesus Today: Experiencing Hope thourgh His Presence, I discovered another way to approach PCS. God is Powerful, Creative, and Full of Surprises. After much searching and job preparation, our son, David received an offer for an internship in Denver, Colorado (a 1,800-mile drive). This was an answer to my prayers to Mary at the Miraculous Medal Shrine. I prayed to Mary on her feast day: Our Lady of Fatima, May, 13. Many things had to line up in the right way for this to happen: travel, rent money, dog sitting. They did: Yes, PCS! God is Powerful and Creative! As Harry Kalas would say, Mary hit a home run for us: “Outta here!”

Mary Prepares Daughter for Mother’s Peaceful Death

Up until the moment of her death from cancer, my mother wore the Miraculous Medal. My prayer to Mary was that my mother die in the presence of loving family and friends, and pain-free. Mary answered me. In addition, mother was buried on a beautiful, sunny day. I am at peace, knowing Mary helped prepare my mother and me for mom’s entry into eternal life.

Prayers to Mary Help Father and Daughter Reunite

My husband has been estranged from his eldest daughter. Lack of communication makes his life burdensome. I prayed to Mary: one day, I returned from work to find my husband’s daughter had called! They spoke lovingly and accepted each other, thanks to the love and care of Mary Immaculate.

CAMM Promoter: 45 Years of Gratitude to Mary

I’m 80 years old; for 45 years I’ve sent $5 a year to the Central Association. For me, that was a lot of money. I’m a CAMM promoter, too. Mary is the flower of the world! She helps my family. I’m always grateful to her.

Miraculous Medal Prevents Serious Head Injury

I’m an 84 year old man who, upon a recent visit to France, fell head-first down a flight a stairs. Normally, I’d be disabled or seriously hurt. I walked away from the fall: no broken bones, no bruises, and one bump on the head. After a return to the USA, a CT scan showed a moderate sub-dural hemorrhage. Mary protected me. I never take off my Miraculous Medal.

Mary Helps Woman Heal From Nervous Breakdown

As part of my recovery from a nervous breakdown in 1976, my Aunt gave me a Miraculous Medal. I became a Promoter then; the favors are too numerous to list.

Miraculous Medal Saves Lives at Car Crash

The Miraculous Medal Association is my extended family. Recently, my granddaughter escaped from a car that had slid on ice and was headed down an embankment. Her father arrived at the scene. He and his daughter watched as another car, on the same ice, slid into and demolished her car. My granddaughter keeps the Miraculous Medal in her car. The young lady’s brother is a recovering alcoholic; he is turning his life around. Thanks for love and safety.

Devotees Celebrate Wedding Anniversary at the Shrine

In 1990, for our 25th wedding anniversary, we visited St. Catherine’s Infirmary in Germantown, Philadelphia, PA. We pray that many of the Vincentian priests we visited then are still able to celebrate mass. We planned another visit in August, 2015. The occasion? Our 50th!

Miraculous Medal Shared with Over 100 People

Sixty-eight years ago, I was given a Miraculous Medal at work. I’ve passed on the medal to over 100 people.

Miraculous Medal Promotion: Family Tradition

My mother wore the Miraculous Medal every day. Growing up, I read the Miraculous Medal Shrine Magazine. The Miraculous Medal is engraved on my parents’ headstone. Mother always sent a list of friends to be prayed for at the Shrine. Recently, going through my mom’s papers, I found a letter dated April 6, 1959. It contained a certificate for perpetual family membership and a crucifix. I’d like to continue my parents’ work of promoting the Miraculous Medal. I’d be honored to promote Mary’s medal.

Rosary Leads to Reconciliation

About a year and a half ago, I was asked to say the Rosary as part of fulfilling the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I prayed the Rosary on the way to visit my daughter in jail. Previously, I often became impatient/angry with my daughter; my visits to her in jail proved fruitless and seemed to make things worse. After praying the Rosary in the car on the way to the jail, I desired to pray the Rosary daily. Soon, my visits with my daughter were calm and fruitful. I now include my daughter’s intentions in my daily recitation of the Rosary. I thank, too, Our Lady, Sts. Bernadette and Catherine Labouré for healing this father-daughter relationship. I am now fully reconciled with the Catholic Church.– SGM Harry R. Roney (USA Retired), Blackshear, Georgia 31516

Cyst Disappears

My children and I always say the Rosary without fail every day. I was sick last month, and was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. It was pretty big, and I was put on treatment. Doctors advised it should be removed, but a sonography and blood test had to be done before that. Alleluia! The cyst just disappeared! There was no sign of it at all! It’s a miracle due to the intercession of Mother Mary. PRAISED BE THE LORD! AMEN.

Toppled Statue Saves Life

At bedtime each night, I recite a prayer from childhood, taught by my mother. On a rainy Tuesday in January, an invocation in that prayer came to life. Rain-soaked ground caused our 24-inch concrete statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel to topple over and land face down in the mud. I asked my husband to stand Our Lady up. As he bent over to do so, his back went out. A diagnosis of right leg sciatica and several weeks of severe pain followed. A follow-up X-ray revealed an enlarged blood vessel near his stomach, and he underwent an ultrasound. The ultrasound verified an abdominal aortic aneurysm near the hepatic arteries measuring 3.9 centimeters, in an area where intervention is possible. This condition, if undetected, can kill in a matter of seconds. If Our Lady’s statue had remained upright, the chain of events that unfolded to alert us to his condition would never have happened. Mary, Mother of us all, answered my prayerful plea made to her each night: “If any danger approaches me, O Virgin Mary, awaken me.”

Miraculous Medal Heals Woman’s Leg in Minutes

My husband and I went to a healing Mass in Arizona. The priest told us he would pray over us, but only God can heal. The lady sitting next to me was very unhappy, as she felt her prayers were never answered. She had a very swollen leg with a brace on it and needed her daughter to help her as her husband had died; she had also lost a son who was murdered.

I told her to start praying to Mary, and I gave her my Miraculous Medal. I pinned it on her jacket and prayed that Mary would ask Jesus to heal her instead of myself. When she came walking back to our pew after the priest prayed over her, the leg was normal and her daughter was carrying the brace. She stopped and lifted up her slacks to show me her healed leg that was now a normal size. I told her to keep wearing the Miraculous Medal and praying to Mary to intercede with Jesus. Miracles do happen.

Prayers Find Missing Brother

My brother, who is homeless, had not contacted our family for two years. This was worrisome, because he would check in with someone in the family a few times a year. Our family decided to have the police get involved and listed him as a missing person. I headed up the search and my other brother told me that finding him would be like finding a needle in a haystack. I told him that God will help us find him.

I recently purchased a Miraculous Medal and began praying to Mother Mary to help find my brother. I started praying in October, and he was found in December – on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I thought that was the Blessed Mother’s way of telling me it was she who answered my prayers. Thank you, Mother Mary!

Mary Answered Prayers to Cure Rare Blood Cancer

My mother-in-law, with a rare blood cancer, was in the hospital in December 2013. She fell terminally ill, and we all thought (including the doctors) she would pass away. A couple of days we really thought those would be her last. We prayed the Miraculous Medal Novena and gave her a card to hold. Within a week, she was out of the hospital, recovered 100 percent, and the mutation that caused the disease in the first place was gone. Doctors couldn’t find it any more. The disease is still there, but we have her for some more time and are grateful to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

Mary Saves Family After Car Slides on Black Ice

Many years ago, my husband and I, along with our two children, were returning from a sad trip visiting my mother-in-law who was very ill. It was winter and getting dark when it began to snow. Because of the bitter cold temperatures, the roads became very slippery, but we didn’t realize there was black ice. Suddenly, we hit a bad spot and slid into the oncoming lane of traffic. My husband tried to steer back into the right lane, but it wasn’t working.

I started to pray “Hail Mary, full of Grace…” and suddenly we hit a dry spot and slid again, going right across the right lane (no other cars were in that lane) — we were airborne. We landed in a farmer’s field, upright. We all had our seat belts on, and no one was hurt. We proceeded on the trip with no damage to us or the car. I thanked the Blessed Mother many times, but now I want to let the whole world know how powerful her prayer is. We have worn the Miraculous Medal for at least 20 years and will continue to do so.

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