Miraculous Medal Testimonials

Devotees of the Miraculous Medal share how Mary has touched their lives in profound ways. How did Mary change your life when you visited her Shrine or wore her Miraculous Medal?

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Video Testimonies

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Veteran Finds Miraculous Medal that Kept Him Safe

By Bob Dagney




      1. Veteran Finds Miraculous Medal that Kept Him Safe


Volunteer Couple Dedicated to Rosary and Miraculous Medal Novena Share Answered Prayers

By Mary Ann and Larry Reynolds

Mary Ann and LarryMary Ann and Larry Reynolds volunteer on Thursday afternoons at the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal to help with mailings. They were inspired to volunteer after Mary answered so many of their prayers.

“Before we got married, I said to Larry (who’s a convert to the Faith), ‘Nine weeks before we get married, we have to do a Novena for a good marriage.’ That was 56 years ago,” said Mary Ann.

Mary Ann and Larry attribute the success of their marriage to dedicating their family to the Holy Family, and to praying together the Novena and the Rosary every night before going to bed.

“Our marriage has been so good! We have two daughters and two sons who all have nice spouses, and we attribute that to the Blessed Mother. We also have six grandsons and one granddaughter,” said Mary Ann. “They all have good families.”

Larry noted that a decision he made in his late teens helped pave the way for his adult devotion to Mary.

“I come from a very dysfunctional family,” Larry shared. “When I was 17 or 18, I decided my goal in life was to have a great family of my own — and we got it, thanks to Mary. We had four children under four years of age! We always feel like the Blessed Mother’s looking over us.”

Mary Ann also felt Mary’s help when she had appendicitis at the age of 28.

“It was ruptured for a week,” she remembered. “I was given the last rites, and the GYN walked away. A young intern saved me.”

Mary Ann and Larry keep a prayer list of intentions to include in their nightly prayers.

“Last night my Protestant neighbor called to say that his Prostate cancer is gone,” Larry said. “He said, “’I really believe now!’”

A couple of weeks ago, Mary gave Mary Ann and Larry another small miracle of their own.

“I couldn’t find the car keys anywhere, so Larry said, ‘Take mine,’” Mary Ann recounted. “When we got out of the car, we saw the keys, which have Our Blessed Mother on the keychain, on the trunk of the car. We had driven 20 miles into the city and the keys never fell off the whole time!”

When Mary Ann and Larry saw an ad for volunteers in the Miraculous Medal Magazine six years ago, they decided to volunteer together.

“We feel we owe this to Our Blessed Mother for all she’s done for us,” Mary Ann said.

“God answers our prayers,” Larry added. “Say the Novena and Rosary every night; the Blessed Mother will hear you.”


The Marys I love

By Jim Coffey

Coffey Family TestimonyMy wife Felicia and I always loved to go to the Miraculous Medal Shrine! Mary’s presence there was, and is, something you can touch. We made many vigils on Mondays, and have invited family to join us.

When it came time to get engaged, there was only one place to go!

Before the beautiful statue of Mary in the main chapel, I got down on a knee in sight of the two Marys I love so much – Mother Mary, and Felicia, whose first name is Mary. There was some trepidation, but not much, because Mother Mary gives so much courage!


I asked Felicia to be my bride, and she said, “Yes!”

We’ve been blessed with five beautiful children. Our fifth child, and fourth daughter, we named Mary, both for Mother Mary and for Felicia’s Mom, Mary Coppa. Our baby, Mary Coppa Coffey, became the third great Mary I love so much.

Baby Mary was with us two years, and was finally called home after a struggle with a heart problem. But, Mother Mary was with us through it all. And we know the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal – Mary’s Shrine – is a place that is with us in every season.

Come to the Shrine, to your Mother Mary!

Miraculous Medal Miracle Protects Youth at Communist Work Camp

By Milan Beres, MD

Milan BeresI received my first Miraculous Medal in the 1950s, in what was then Czechoslovakia, ruled by the Communist party. The goal of the government was to eradicate religion, and it started by suppressing any public expression of religious activity. Teachers, and all employees in higher positions, had to formally cancel their membership to their parishes under threat of losing their jobs. The government put many bishops and priests in prison on trumped-up charges of espionage, hoarding weapons and similar baseless accusations. In these circumstances, some seminarians and priests went underground.

A certain young man befriended a group of us teenagers, and we often went hiking together. At a safe distance from any prying eyes and ears, he often turned the conversation to moral and religious matters. He did it naturally, without acting like some kind of pushy proselyte. After some time, he gave each of us a Miraculous Medal, and told us the story behind it. He asked us to pray for each other every day at noon: one Hail Mary, and the short prayer, “O Mother, immaculately conceived…”

We found out only after many years that he was one of the underground seminarians, and later a priest.

The next summer, after receiving the Medal, I, and many other students, worked as a helper in the construction of apartment buildings. The technology was quite primitive there. To bring materials to the upper floors, they used a sort of elevator built next to the scaffolding. It had no traces of automatic controls, no “buttons!” The engine was on the ground next to the base of this elevator, with all the gears, wheels, and belts exposed. There was just one lever to control the clutch, and a brake that made the cage go up or down, and stop at the desired floor.

We worked dressed usually in just t-shirts and shorts. Hardhats were never used at that time. I wore my Medal on my neck, on a fine silver chain. One day the supervisor pointed to my Medal, and told me not to wear it. It was not a stern order; it sounded to me like a suggestion. Was he concerned that I might get in trouble by being accused of “religious fanaticism?” This was a charge commonly used to harass believers. I will never know. Of course, there was no issue of safety. As I said, the chain was very thin. So, I did not take it off.

The next day, as I was walking close to this elevator’s engine, a sudden loud noise from a nearby cement mixer distracted me for just a brief moment, and I stumbled and fell in that mess of the moving gears and belts. My coworkers immediately pulled me out, and laid me gently on the ground, expecting possibly a serious injury. I was somewhat shaken, but I did not feel any pain. Other than a tiny bruise on my left shoulder, there were no signs of injury. I stood up, and found my broken chain tangled in my t-shirt with the Medal still attached. I put the Medal in my pocket, and went back to work.

I believe Mary was with me that day, and I am glad I wore my Medal. I still have that Medal, but I lost touch with the priest who gave it to me. Today, I wear another Miraculous Medal on a gold chain.

I have lived in Connecticut with my wife and our two sons since 1968, the year we came to the US as refugees from the communists. I do receive emails of the Shrine‘s weekly meditations, and I like them very much. I hope an opportunity may come for me to visit the Miraculous Medal Shrine.

It Was Love at First Sight

By Mario I. Chaparro B.

I was at Saint Joseph’s – one of the most beautiful churches in Astoria in Queens, New York, where there is a lovely statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary – when I fell in love with the Miraculous Medal Novena. After the 8am Mass, a small cardboard box full of Miraculous Medal Novena booklets was placed at the foot of the altar. I picked one from the box to follow the Novena, just like everybody else.

As I was praying, I was inspired by the words, which sound like a beautiful melody – especially the invocation to the Holy Spirit at the beginning, and the Act of Consecration to Our Lady at the end.

When we finished, and all the parishioners started returning the booklet to the small box, I felt in my heart the need to own one. I went to the lector, and I asked where I could I buy such beautiful booklet. She told me, “Don’t say anything to anybody; just take one!”

I said, “Thank you very much,” and went home very happy.

I started praying the Novena every Monday for some months, but after a while I felt the need to do it more often in my room – with my heart, my soul, my inspiration, and at my own pace to really enjoy it.

Thanks to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I have more strength, and my hope is vibrant. I have seen graces in my life that have made my faith stronger, and, more importantly, I have learned to trust in God.

Even though I got the booklet for free, I felt that I had to pay for it. So, I sent a $5 check in the envelope that came inside the booklet. Then, I started a good relationship with the nice people at the Miraculous Medal Shrine.

One day, in the middle of my prayers, a thought came to my mind: “Pray the Novena right in front of the Blessed Mother at the Shrine in Philadelphia.” I thought about how wonderful that would be! So, I started to make plans.

The question was: “How will I get there?”

I cannot use my car, and I didn’t know if I could take public transportation from New York to Philadelphia. I thought it must be complicated to go there. But one day I said to myself, “I need to get answers to all my questions, and then I can find the best way to go.”

I went to Greyhound, Bolt Bus, and finally to Penn Station in New York City, but all these options were out of my budget or the schedule did not work for me.

When I was about to finish my investigation, I bumped into a man who was selling tours around New York City.

He told me, “Guy, if you want something less expensive, go to Chinatown and look for Focus Travel. They will take you for $20 roundtrip.”

That’s the deal I was looking for.

The big, glorious day of victory was Friday, May 2, 2014. I woke up at 4am to take the 7am Chinatown bus to Philadelphia.

I attended the 12:05pm Mass at the Shrine, after which I prayed the Novena and Holy Rosary. I was very happy to be there before Our Lady – it felt like a dream come true.

When I finished my mission, I went to the Gift Shop in the basement to introduce myself to the lady at the counter. She said, “I am very glad to meet you; welcome to the Shrine!”

She handed me a bag of goodies, and invited me to visit the museum across the street. I expressed my gratitude to her and said, “Part of my goal today is to meet Fr. Pieber. Is it possible?”

In no time, he arrived. I met Fr. Pieber; he gave a special blessing, blessed my Miraculous Medal, and thanked me for my visit. What a great welcome!

I took many pictures of the beautiful church art work and also the Miraculous Medal history.

Since that day I offered to visit Mary the first Friday of each month, non-stop.

Most Holy Virgin Mary, help me to pray with devotion, faith, gratitude, reverence, and love. Grant that I may always love you more and more!

Image of Mary in a Cloud Provides Consolation

By Anonymous

TCloud Maryhere was a lot going on in my life when I decided to wear my Miraculous Medal. I don’t remember why I wanted to wear it, but, once I put it on, miracles resulted for my sister and a friend.

I had faithfully worn my medal about a month-and-a-half when I was reacquainted with two high school friends, D and G.

Both friends noticed my medal. D later asked me about it, but G, a former Catholic, strongly dislikes the Church. G talked D and her family out of joining the Catholic Church, and gossiped about me to D. They stopped talking to me altogether.

I prayed for D’s eyes to be opened to G’s lies, which controlled their friendship. God gave me peace.

At this same time, my sister, a non-practicing Catholic, heard voices – possibly due to a concussion. I felt the voices were demonic since they mocked prayer and anything holy.

My mom and I took a road trip with my sister on which she talked about her issues and conspiracy theories. My mom and I silently prayed because listening to her was deeply troubling!  As I drove and prayed, I spotted “The Cloud.”

When I looked out the window, I saw the unmistakable image of the Blessed Mother in a cloud. It was so consoling to me that my Heavenly Mother was looking out for us! The cloud never moved, frayed or dissipated. It was visible for 15 minutes or more until we got into a mountainous area, and we could no longer see her.

My mom and sister took pictures, even though the image troubled my sister who wouldn’t talk about it because the voices probably harassed her.

Since then my sister is getting better and has a desire to return to the Church. My friend D called and apologized to me. She no longer talks to G. D is now a substitute teacher at a Catholic school. She also went to Rome where she visited the Vatican, and she is reconsidering becoming Catholic. Thank you, Mary!