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Explore the descriptions below to learn of the many ways you can donate to the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal.

Miraculous Medal

How You Can Help

Thousands of pilgrims come to Mary’s Central Shrine each year and lay their burdens at the feet of the Blessed Mother. In this quiet and holy place – a place bathed in prayer and anointed with solace – they share their hurts and sorrows. They seek Our Mother’s consolation and her prayers. We need your help to spread the devotion to Our Lady, and make known her Medal, help us care for our aged and infirm Priests and Brothers of St. Vincent de Paul, to educate seminarians, and to provide financial support to our Priests and Brothers of St. Vincent de Paul serving the poor.

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3-Month Commitment to Prayer

The summer months bring pilgrims from all over the world to our Shrine! These pilgrims come to give thanks to Mary Immaculate and to pray for her intercession. As you know, Our Blessed Mother wants to hear your petitions. What a true blessing it will be this summer when your needs are prayed for during our Novena Masses each and every Monday in June, July and August.

And when you send in your personal Prayer Intentions, would you also consider making a three-month summer commitment to help sustain our vital ministry of praying for you, serving the poor, and honoring Our Blessed Mother? You may also choose to make one larger single offering on the June coupon, instead of spreading your giving over three months.

Your summer gift will help us to meet the increased costs related to pilgrimages this summer, as well as continuing to help us make Mary’s Medal known to the world through our Missions. Thank you!

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If you will not be making a donation at this time, please click here to send us your intentions.

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Novena of Hope: A Way to Help
Bring a Loved One Back to Christ — Through Mary!

Beginning June 5th, we will commence our annual Novena of Hope at the Miraculous Medal Shrine for nine consecutive Mondays! The theme of this year’s Novena will be the New Evangelization, which fits perfectly with the amazing power of the Miraculous Medal to bring people to Christ or back to Christ through the powerful intercession of His mother, Mary!

We sincerely hope you will join with us for this year’s Novena of Hope! Please share your personal intentions for the Novena as well as a “Thank You” or two – for Mary’s intercession in your own life. Your intentions and “Thank Yous” will be placed near Mary’s altar during the Novena of Hope.

Indeed, there are so many “Thank You” messages left in the Shrine every week – from people sharing their stories of faith renewed and hope restored.

When you send your intentions, please consider including a donation. You take an active role in the New Evangelization when you support CAMM! Your donations allow us to supply thousands of free Medals to missionary priests throughout the world – who use them to inspire conversion among their flocks.

Thank you for sharing your love with Mary and her Miraculous Medal Family!

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Restore Mary’s Sanctuary Floor to Its Original Beauty!

Please help the Shrine restore its “hidden treasure” — 141-year-old marble mosaic floor tiles featuring exquisite symbols of Mary! The original tiles were discovered during the new organ installation. The cost to have experts restore this great gift to Mary, and to move the pulpit, is $300,000. We ask for your help in making this historic restoration project possible.

Your donation will leave a legacy of beauty and honor to Mary for generations to come! For gifts of $100 or more, you will receive a beautiful colored Glass Rosary!

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Your Annual Membership

It is an honor to invite you to renew or begin your Annual Membership in CAMM for this new year beginning on August 15, 2016, the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A gift of just $25 affirms your Annual Membership from that date through August 14, 2017. We are here to pray for your intentions at 2,500 Masses this coming year. And, if you enroll your loved ones in a CAMM Membership, you will also receive an additional 500 Masses said for you this coming year (3,000 in all).

If you can make a gift over and above your $25 Membership, Fr. Pieber will carry your prayer intentions on his pilgrimage, and place them on Mary’s altar in Paris, France – the birthplace of the Miraculous Medal – to ask for her graces on October 7, 2016, the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary.

For a gift of $100 or more, you will receive a DVD of the talk given by renowned Catholic theologian Dr. Scott Hahn when he spoke at our Shrine during the World Meeting of Families. The talk is entitled, “Holy Mary, Holy Family: Bringing Our Lady into Our Homes.”

Thank you for your membership and devotion!

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Mary's Prayer Garden

Mary’s Prayer Garden

The Miraculous Medal Plaza will be a permanent gift from you to Mary. A place where you can let Mary know, always and forever, how deeply you appreciate her love, and how much you honor her daily presence.

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Working with Parishes

Ministries Working with the Parishes

Support the Ministries and Parishes of the Brothers and Priests of St. Vincent de Paul, the Vincentians. The Vincentians are most well known for their work with the poor, soup kitchens, housing projects, prison ministries, education and more. By donating to their works here you are spreading the love and good works of St. Vincent de Paul through his Priests and Brothers.

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Multicultural Ministries

Multicultural Ministries

The Vincentian Priests and Brothers serve among very diverse populations within our multicultural Vincentian parishes, as well as serve specific populations in diocesan parishes through our “Hispanic Mission Teams.” From Latin immigrant populations in Eastern Long Island, the Vietnamese community in Greensborough, NC, to the indigenous Ngäbe in the Panamanian forest – ministering amongst multicultural communities has come to strongly define who we are as Priests and Brothers who follow St. Vincent de Paul. Support our Multicultural Ministries here!

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Special Ministries

Vincent de Paul said that “love is inventive to infinity.” This Patron Saint of Charitable Works was speaking of the love we have first received from Christ, which shows fruit in loving service of others. Help us respond to the needs of those who live in poverty with love and faith.

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