May: The Month of Mary

May is the month of Mary. Throughout this month, we’ll share stories about our Blessed Mother and how she intercedes for all of our needs. Mary is a perfect mother—she comforts us, helps us, and gives us the ultimate example of humility, acceptance, and charity.

Close to the Heart

Eleanor Farzetta discusses how the strong faith she witnessed by her mother and grandmother drew her closer to Mary throughout her life.

The Power of Prayer

How does Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal unite us as a family of prayer? Just ask Brian Browne, an educator at St. John’s University, who experienced the power of prayer in Mary’s Miraculous Medal Family.

Mother Mary’s Golden Crown

As we prepare to honor Mary during our May Procession, discover Mary Massaro Conrad’s story of grace and thanksgiving and her family’s connection to the beautiful golden crown that adorns Our Lady at the Miraculous Medal Shrine this May.

The Story of the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal

Fr. Stephen Grozio, CM talks about a very diverse parish in Greensboro, NC and the special love Vincentians have for others and how they bring the Good News to different cultures.