August – Higher Education

As students prepare to return to school this August, we are reminded of the importance of education. Vincentians teach in two Catholic universities in the Eastern Province: St. John’s University in Queens, NY, and Niagara University in Niagara, NY. Often referred to as opportunity schools, Vincentians work to provide all those who seek a faith-based, Catholic education the opportunity to receive one. Watch all month long as our students tell how they have been impacted academically and personally by the Vincentians and their teachings.

Creating A Legacy

Rachel Burgos explains how her Vincentian education has impacted her life.

The Vincentian Way

Educator Joseph DiAngelo explains how the Vincentians provide more than an education for students in need.

I am Vincentian

Caitlin Neier talks about living the Vincentian teachings.

Poverty Among Wealth

Fr. Grozio, CM, recounts the story of a woman struggling to make ends meet in a very wealthy community. His words remind us that everyone needs help and support in their lives. And the Vincentians are there to provide that assistance when others are not.