Celebrating 170 Years of the Vincentian Priests and Brothers in Philadelphia

“Our vocation is to go, not just to one parish, not just to one diocese, but all over the world; and do what? To set people’s hearts on fire, to do what the Son of God did. He came to set the world on fire in order to inflame it with His love.”

~St. Vincent de Paul, 30 May 1659


Every month, the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal will be releasing a video in anticipation of the 170th Anniversary celebration. Join us throughout the year as we share stories of the rich history, influence, and experiences of the Vincentians of the Eastern Province.

October – Prison Ministry

This month we are focusing on the work the Vincentian Priests and Brothers do in the prison system. A ministry that was very dear to the heart of St. Vincent and continues to be a place many Vincentians work today. This month we meet previously incarcerated individuals and learn how they have been able to get their lives back on track with the support of others. We also explore programs serving those previously incarcerated and learn how we too can get involved with helping others.

February: We Are Vincentians

March: Celebrating 170 Years

April: Celebrate Diversity

May: The Month of Mary

June: Vocations

July: Building Faith Communities

August: Higher Education

September: National Recovery Month